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We have adopted a ergonomic design, upgraded for comfort and ease of operation. Deliver intense, rumbled vibrations with our most powerful motor.
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Masturbation Cup

The toy is equipped with a powerful motor with multiple suction modes and multiple vibration modes. The suction and vibration modes can be freely combined, you can match any function you like, and it will serve you faithfully!


Are Pocket Pussies Worth It?

Let’s be honest – we all read the price tag! So when you look at the price of a pocket pussy (also known as a …

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4 Best Ways To Discreetly Hide Your Sex Toys

While it makes sense to be proud of your sex toy collection, not everyone wants their grandmother or local electrician to glance over when they …

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7 Exciting Benefits Of Anal Sex

Anal sex is certainly not for everyone, really, but we can’t (and shouldn’t!) ignore the pleasure potential of butt sex, either. There are so many …

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What Is A Thrusting Vibrator?

Self-driving cars, virtual assistants, full-fledged computers in our pockets… there’s no doubt about it; we live in the future! Technological innovations have made our lives …

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What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

If you have a vagina, you will most likely experience vaginal dryness at some point; it is a very common problem. Usually associated with postmenopausal …

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How Deep Is A Woman’s Vagina?

Does size matter? We often see this question about penis size, but what about vaginal size? There are many rumours floating around (a lot of …

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